Terms of Use

Welcome! These are the Terms of Use of molview.org, referred to as "MolView". By accessing and using MolView you accept these terms. MolView is a non-profit project, and these terms serve mostly as a disclaimer. MolView reserves the right to update or amend these terms at any time, without notice to you. Such opdated or amended terms shall be effective upon publishing.

1. Open Source

The source code of MolView is released under the GNU AGPL license on GitHub. You are free to make changes to a copy of the source code, but you are required by the AGPL license to publish these changes. For more details about the license visit molview.org/license.

2. No Availability Guarantee

MolView does not guarantee to be online or usable. MolView reserves the right to change or update its website for any reason at any time without notice. MolView reserves the right to restrict access or use for any reason at any time without notice.

3. No Accuracy Guarantee

All the data that is displayed on MolView is retrieved from third-party sources. MolView does not warrant that this is accurate or fit for any particular purpose. The third-party sources that are used are:

4. Freedom of Usage

You are free to use and share images and other content generated in MolView for any purpose, including for commercial purposes. This also includes screen recordings of MolView.

5. Privacy Policy

MolView uses a client-side local storage technology (WebStorage) in order to save user preferences. This data is never shared with our server. This site uses its own Matomo Analytics instance to collect usage data. You may opt-out from tracking here.

6. Infringement Disclaimer

All data transmitted or made available on MolView is believed to be free of infringement. Please contact info@molview.org if you can prove otherwise.